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Over at PG-Repair, we’re pretty much the go-to folks for getting your reserve parachute neatly tucked and packed, ready for that “just in case” moment. It’s crucial to keep your reserve packed just right, following the interval period your manual spells out. Not sure when that is? We’ve got you covered.

We deal with all kinds of reserves – the standard ones that have been around the block, the squared reserves that are a bit like the cool, new kid on the block, and the controllable parachutes for those who like a bit more say in where they land if they have to pop the reserve. Each type has its own quirks and special folding techniques, but our team has got the skills and know-how to handle them all.

Packing a reserve isn’t just about stuffing it into its container and hoping for the best. It’s about precision, care, and making sure that if you ever need it, it’s going to deploy smoothly and reliably. At PG-Repair, we meticulously follow manufacturer guidelines and use our extensive experience to ensure your reserve is packed perfectly. Whether you’re flying with a standard, squared, or controllable parachute, we know exactly how to get it ready for any situation you might face up there.


Standard Reserve € 90,- (Tandem)
€ 90,- (Paramotor)
€ 65,- (Solo)
Squared Reserve € 105,- (Tandem)
€ 105,- (Paramotor)
€ 80,- (Solo)
Controllable Reserve € 135,- (Tandem)
€ 135,- (Paramotor)
€ 95,- (Solo)


Go with us because we’re not just experts in paragliding gear; we’re your buddies in the skies, bringing years of experience, top-notch certification, and a commitment to quality that’s hard to beat. Our chill vibe, obsession with making customers happy, and deep roots in the paragliding family make us stand out. We offer killer glider services, making sure your gear is always top-tier. Think of us as your go-to crew for keeping your flights smooth and your gear in prime shape.

  • Top-notch quality, no compromises.
  • Great value, won’t break the bank.
  • We’re all about making you happy.
  • Niche skills for specialized fixes.
  • Gear repair? We’ve seen it all.
  • Custom tweaks? Consider it done.


  • What is the recommended frequency for repacking paragliding reserves?

    We adhere strictly to manufacturer recommendations and industry standards for reserve maintenance. Typically, reserves should be inspected and repacked at least once a year, or more frequently if they have been deployed or exposed to adverse conditions. Our team follows a thorough checklist during inspections to ensure that your reserve is always in top condition and ready for use.

  • Can I repack my paragliding reserve myself, or should it be done by a professional?

    While it’s understandable to want to take control of your equipment, we highly recommend having your paragliding reserve repacked by a certified professional. Paragliding reserves are critical safety components, and proper packing is crucial for reliable deployment in emergency situations. However, if you’re determined to do it yourself, consider a repack reserve course at paragliding schools. Training provides essential skills for proper repacking, ensuring your safety during flights.

  • Can you walk us through the steps you take to ensure that our paragliding reserves are securely packed and properly stored?

    Certainly. Our process begins with a detailed inspection of the reserve to identify any signs of wear or damage. Next, we carefully fold and pack the reserve according to manufacturer specifications, paying close attention to proper line orientation and container closure. Once packed, the reserve is stored in a climate-controlled environment away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent deterioration.

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