• 16. February 2024
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Big News: We’re Now WingSolution Certified!

Big News: We’re Now WingSolution Certified!

Hey everyone! We’ve got some super exciting news to share from the PG-Repair family – we’ve officially become WingSolution certified! ? This is a big deal for us and, more importantly, for all you pilots out there. After a pretty intense certification process (talk about a deep dive into checks and trims), we’ve joined the ranks as one of the first three paragliding service centers to have this honor. Yep, that means we’re now your go-to experts, officially approved to keep your gear in top-notch shape.

WingSolution is all about bringing the best check and trim processes to the table, developed from years of experience and a whole lot of collaboration between the top names in the paragliding world. Now that we’re on board, we can promise you the best service for your paraglider, making sure it’s always ready to hit the skies safely and perform like a dream.

And here’s the cherry on top: we’re now an authorized checking company for some of the biggest names in the paragliding world: Advance, Air Design, BGD, Dudek, GIN, Gradient, Mac Para, Niviuk, NOVA, Ozone, Phi, Sky, Skywalk, Supair, Swing, U-Turn, and UP. No matter what brand of wing you’re flying, we’ve got the green light from the best to give your gear the VIP treatment it deserves.

So, what’s this mean for you? Simply put, peace of mind knowing your beloved glider is in certified hands. We’re here to make sure you’re always flying safe, flying happy, and flying with confidence. Here’s to many more adventures in the sky – powered by PG-Repair and our new WingSolution creds. Let’s make every flight epic! ?

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