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Swapping out lines on your paraglider might sound as daunting as defusing a bomb, but with a little guidance, it’s more like piecing together a puzzle – fun and satisfying. At PG-Repair, we’re all about making that puzzle a bit easier to solve. Whether you need one line replaced or the whole shebang, we’ve got your back with custom lines that’ll get your glider feeling brand new.

Our workshop is a treasure trove of lines from the crème de la crème of suppliers – Edelrid, Liros, Teijin, and Cousin. We’re like the baristas of the paragliding world, mixing up the perfect blend from what we’ve got in stock. But, just like crafting that perfect coffee, we need the exact measurements. If you’re ordering custom lines, measure twice, cut once, as the old saying goes. And if you’re not too sure, you can always send us the actual line. That way, we can measure it up for you, ensuring a perfect fit.

Now, when it comes to fitting those lines, it’s not rocket science, but there’s a bit of art to it. Removing the old line is step one – just unhook it from the maillon, noting how it was attached (single loop, double loop, clove hitch, clove hitch plus loop) or better make a photo and let us figure out the loop. Fitting the new line is the reverse process. The trick is remembering which loop was in place before, as this ensures the new line matches the length and tension of its comrades.

If you’re staring down a full line set replacement, it’s best to give us a shout. We can walk you through the options and figure out the best course of action together. It’s a bit like navigating a maze – much easier with a guide.


Main line € 20,-
Middle gallery line € 15,-
Upper gallery line € 10,-
Double Spliced line Additional € 2,-
Line with extra sleeve Additional € 2
Line Set replacement On cost calculation base


Go with us because we’re not just experts in paragliding gear; we’re your buddies in the skies, bringing years of experience, top-notch certification, and a commitment to quality that’s hard to beat. Our chill vibe, obsession with making customers happy, and deep roots in the paragliding family make us stand out. We offer killer glider services, making sure your gear is always top-tier. Think of us as your go-to crew for keeping your flights smooth and your gear in prime shape.

  • Top-notch quality, no compromises.
  • Great value, won’t break the bank.
  • We’re all about making you happy.
  • Niche skills for specialized fixes.
  • Gear repair? We’ve seen it all.
  • Custom tweaks? Consider it done.


  • How do I know if my paraglider lines need replacing?

    You’ll want to look out for signs of wear like fraying, discoloration, or any damage. Regular inspections help, but if you’re unsure, bring it in and we’ll check it out for you.

  • Can I choose the type of lines used for the replacement?

    Absolutely! We stock lines from top suppliers like Edelrid and Liros, and you can choose from the types and colors we currently have in stock. Let us know your preference, or we can recommend the best option for your glider based on performance and aesthetic needs.

  • What's the cost of line replacement?

    Costs vary depending on the type and number of lines being replaced. See the pricing table for our most up-to-date prices.

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