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Alright, let’s break down what goes into inspecting your paraglider to make sure it’s all good to hit the skies. Think of it like giving your car a thorough once-over before a big road trip.

First up, we’ve got the porosity check. It’s all about seeing how breezy your sail cloth is getting. Over time, the fabric can start letting air through more than it should, thanks to the sun’s rays and just general wear and tear. We use this nifty gadget – a porosity meter – to measure how fast air can sneak through under a bit of pressure. It gives us the lowdown on whether your wing’s fabric is still in prime condition and flyable.

Next, we test the line strength. Just like you don’t want your shoelaces snapping, we don’t want any lines breaking mid-air. Different materials age differently, so we pay extra attention to the ones that get cranky with too much bending and force. Oh, and heads up – we might actually have to snap some lines on purpose to check their strength. But don’t worry, you’ll get those snapped lines back as a keepsake, and we’ll hook you up with brand-new ones.

Then there’s the visual inspection. We take a close look for any rips, tears, or signs of a party gone wrong. Minor stuff usually isn’t a biggie, but here we’re on the lookout for anything that could mess with your safety.

Trim tuning is where we get all technical, checking that all the lines are the right length and play nice together in accordance to the current glider profile. This keeps your glider balanced and flying smooth.

And finally, we check out the sailcloth strength, making sure it can still take a punch (or a strong pull) without tearing.

So, there you have it—a top-to-bottom look to keep you soaring safely and your glider feeling loved.


Full Service Inspection € 225,- (Tandem)
€ 205,- (Paramotor)
€ 185,- (Solo)
Trim Check Only € 110,- (Tandem)
€ 95,- (Paramoter)
€ 90,- (Solo)


Go with us because we’re not just experts in paragliding gear; we’re your buddies in the skies, bringing years of experience, top-notch certification, and a commitment to quality that’s hard to beat. Our chill vibe, obsession with making customers happy, and deep roots in the paragliding family make us stand out. We offer killer glider services, making sure your gear is always top-tier. Think of us as your go-to crew for keeping your flights smooth and your gear in prime shape.

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  • What exactly do you check during a paraglider inspection?

    During a paraglider inspection, we look at everything that matters for your safety and the glider’s performance. This includes the fabric’s porosity, line strength, and overall condition, checking for any tears, stretches, or wear. We also dive into trim tuning to make sure your glider is balanced just right. It’s like a full health check-up for your wing to keep it flying smoothly.

  • How often should I get my paraglider inspected?

    The recommended frequency for paraglider inspections can vary based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Often, the service interval is specified not just by time, but also by the number of hours flown. While a general rule of thumb is to have an inspection at least once every year for regular flyers, or every two years for those flying less frequently, it’s important to consult your glider’s manual for the exact service interval. Each manufacturer may have different recommendations, combining periodic intervals with a specific number of flying hours. Always check your manual to ensure you’re staying within the recommended guidelines for your specific glider.

  • Can you fix any issues you find during the inspection, or will I need to go somewhere else?

    Absolutely, we can fix most issues on the spot. After the inspection, we’ll chat about any repairs your glider might need. If it’s something we can handle (and that’s most things), we’ll give you the option to get it fixed right here. We’ve got you covered from minor tweaks to major overhauls.

  • How long does an inspection usually take?

    A standard inspection takes about a few hours to a day, depending on what we find and how busy we are. If we need to do repairs, that’ll add some time. We’ll give you an estimated timeline when you drop off your glider, so you know when to expect everything to be done and dusted.

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